Rent Resolutions here to Save your Business

Rent Resolutions is an industry leading, First to market, unique business service provider
covering all commercial 
locations and sectors across the United Kingdom.
Our business strategy as a unique service provider, is to assist and reduce commercial rent payments, creating a fair playing field for all businesses, this will be enabling landlords to realise
the true and harsh impact, of the COVID-19 pandemic on their commercial tenants.

This service is allowing businesses to regroup financially and relieve stress and pressure. enabling businesses to rebuild and regenerate. In some cases to support steady growth , despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The economy has been devastated in so many sectors, only a few have prospered from this International crisis.
It is within our mission statement to educate commercial landlords, from individual business owners to National groups with multiple branches, achieving the reduction in commercial lease payments from 25% in our lowest case negotiation, to regular 50% and
75% reductions for the majority of our clients. In some exceptional cases, we have completely reduced
commercial rent payments by 100% with a zero payment plan, agreed with the landlord for a 12 month period.

We work within all business sectors and business types, from individual small businesses owners to
group holdings with multiple national branches and varied commercial properties.

Commercial Landlords in the UK, keep enforcing ‘Rent Payment Terms’.
Despite the financial restrictions of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
This is only manifesting into financial penalties and commercial debt.

Let Rent Resolutions, resolve these financial concerns and pressures, creating a healthy relationship with your landlord and releasing essential cashflow into the business.

Rent Resolutions

We are here to SAVE your business…..What Ever your Sector, we can assist and help stabilise your business..

There is another Option and Path to take….
As a Professional Consultancy practice, Rent Resolutions can meet your business needs and provide a ‘Unique Solution’ cost saving service.

We at Rent Resolutions, have successfully intervened with numerous clients both in London, Essex, Kent and Sussex to resolve issues between Landlords that will not negotiate with the client, in hand they are applying extreme pressure to cash strapped businesses. We can work across any geographical location in the UK, with our remote working office set up and ‘Zoom meeting’  facility.

Rent Resolutions can successfully manage your cashflow situation by professionally negotiating a reduction in your commercial rent payments by amounts ranging from 25% in the lowest negotiated amount with a hardened landlord.  Other successes have seen 50% and 75% reductions as you can see from our Testimonial page. In some extreme cases, we have achieved 100% completely ‘rent free periods’. This is ‘removed as a debt’ from your business and ‘Not added’ to the end of the term pf the commercial lease.

This is an  ‘Industry First to Market Service,  for which your business will be charged an enquiry set-up fee of just £ 250 and then 20% of the total savings made for your commercial business rent payments…

Testimonial Cases

Please review our Testimonial Page to view a number of businesses that have been literally SAVED from collapse during this COVID-19 Pandemic.
One of our most successful cases involves our client, Dam Tasty Beer Ltd, located in E9 London

£ 54,000 to date in Business Rent Payments, over the last 15 months during March 2020 to June 2021.

In addition we have Supplied a Business Rates Reduction Service,  after negotiating special circumstances with the Local Authority business rates team within the London Borough of Hackney,  Total business rates saving achieved £ 14,000,  for the period April 2020 to March 2021.

Rent Resolutions work under a set-up fee of just £ 250
plus a fee of only 20% of the Business Rent Savings…

Example 1

A Set Up and one-off Enquiry
Fee of  £ 250
20% of the Total Rent Savings
for Example
Lease £ 10,000 our Savings of 50%
of the Lease would be £ 5,000
our fee is £ 1,000
*Payable within 7 Working Days of
the Agreed Rent Reduction.

Example 2

Set Up and one-off Enquiry
Fee of £ 250
20% of the Total Rent Savings
for Example
Lease £ 30,000 our Savings of 75%
of the Lease would be £ 22,500
our fee is £ 4,500
*Payable within 7 Working Days of
the Agreed Rent Reduction.

Example 3

Set Up and one-off Enquiry
Fee of £ 250
20% of the Total Rent Savings
for Example
Lease £ 15,000 our Savings of 40%
of the Lease would be £ 6,000
our fee is £ 1200
*Payable within 7 Working Days of
the Agreed Rent Reduction

The total ‘Rent Reductions’ and savings are complete reductions and
reduced payments to the landlord, the Amounts saved are ‘Removed from the Lease Agreement’ and ‘Legally Written Out of The Lease’.  never included or added onto the term of the lease.

Let Rent Resolutions give you that helping hand to deal with your commercial landlord.
Enabling your landlord to understand the true impact of the pandemic on your business and the surrounding ongoing financial restrictions.

Rent Resolutions is part of the Green Cross Solutions group.